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Wood Flooring Panel | WPC | Maple Herringbone

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The Maple Herringbone Flooring Panel is a beautiful natural piece that works well. Each panel in this beautiful collection shows how natural wood can have both classic beauty and modern sturdiness. This is a flooring option that goes beyond the ordinary and gives any room unmatched warmth and elegance.

Product Highlights:

  • Experience the unique grain patterns and textures of each panel, transforming your floor into a distinctive masterpiece. The natural allure of these panels accentuates the aesthetic beauty of your interior with a touch of nature’s artistry.
  • Equipped with Quick-Step's advanced Scratch Guard technology, our panels are up to ten times more scratch-resistant than conventional floors, ensuring long-lasting beauty and resilience in the face of daily wear and tear.
  • Say goodbye to issues with moisture. These panels are 100% resistant to surface moisture, combining design with function, making cleaning easier while retaining the floor's inherent charm.
  • Revolutionize your installation experience with Quick-Step's patented Uniclic installation system. This innovative click-to-install system allows for an effortless, secure, and seamless assembly of your floor planks.
  • Compliant with EU Ecolabel standards, these panels are an eco-conscious choice. Made from at least 80% sustainably sourced wood and produced without hazardous substances, they are a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Upgrade your decor with Maple Herringbone Flooring Panel. This set comprises 24 36" x 6" panels intended to form a magnificent herringbone pattern that adds timeless beauty to any decor. This stylish, sustainable, and durable flooring option is perfect for home and commercial areas.

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Size: Maple - 24 panels (1 panel: 36" x 6" inch)
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  • Dimensions: 36 x 6 inch / 91 ×15 cm
  • Thickness: 0.25 inch / 0.65 cm
  • Weight: 0.9 Ounces / 26 gram
  • Species: Walnut
  • Grade: Classic
  • Surface: Brushed
  • Finish: Oiled
  • Top Layer: 0.3 cm
  • Bespoke: No
  • Sandable: Yes
  • Bevelled: Four Sides
  • Floated Installation: No
  • Bonded Installation: Yes
  • Under Floor Heating: Yes
  • Pack Size: 1.25
  • Content: 24 panels/carton
  • Total Size: 24 panels = 36 sq. ft.

Resilient Against Moisture

Engineered to withstand everyday spills and splashes, these flooring panels offer superior water resistance. Fulfilling the ASTM D757 standard, our panels have the ability to resist water penetration for up to 72 hours.


Materials that Last

Engineered for exceptional durability, these flooring panels can withstand the demands of high traffic areas and everyday wear and tear. Achieving the AC4 rating, our flooring panels offer superior scratch and wear resistance.


8 Hours Installation

It will take roughly 8-10 hours for 2 people to completely install the flooring in a 220-square-feet room. Timing may vary depending on factors like the type of flooring, subfloor condition and putting into account installers experience.


Design Versatility

Express your spatial vision with our flooring panels. Meticulously crafted, these panels replicate the natural beauty of wood, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the flooring with various types of aesthetic.

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Raised access floor systems are used in a great variety of areas in which a large amount of installations are required. Some examples are:

  • Banking, insurance, governmental, co operative and administrative offices companies with high level of computer and/or telecommunication equipment.
  • Call centers. Cultural and educational centers. Raised access floors are used in these sorts of areas which are specifically designed for cultural and learning activities.

Flooring is the best choice for those with pets. This is because Flooring panels are the most resistant to potential damage that your pets may cause.

Having said that, no-one knows your pets better than you so if you believe that another flooring type will still be suitable for your home, please feel free to install it.

Engineered hardwood flooring has a thinner real wood top layer and many cross layers of plywood for support. This structure prevents wood from expanding and contracting with seasonal temperature and humidity. On grade, above grade, or below grade, engineered wood flooring can be put in any room. Engineered wood floors are fastened using nails, staples, or glue.

Click Loc floating, which makes laying engineered hardwood floors easier for DIYers, is also growing more popular.

The Click Loc design is new and allows you to lock and fold the boards together or tap them together during installation. The market has multiple effective patents. Click Loc flooring is popular with DIYers and installers since it's easy to install.

All Click Loc installations are floating floors and should not be glued or nailed. Installing Click Loc flooring over 1/8-inch foam or thicker cork substrate. Click Loc engineered flooring can be put throughout your home or basement. 5/16 – 3/4 thick tongue and grooved hardwood flooring that may be Click Locked by the manufacturer is suitable for this installation. Most laminate floors have click-loc technology.

We recommend vacuuming regularly using a soft bristle brush, and using the recommended cleaners when needed to restore the shine. We would also recommend using tap-in or self-adhesive chair glides to protect all flooring from becoming scratched by legs of furniture.

It is possible to fit wood floor planks to your wall. However, you should first double check for any relevant building regulations for the project you’re working on and the strength of the wall you’re fitting to.

It is possible to install a new wood floor on top of existing tiles; provided they are sound, level and free from dirt/grease/grime. You may need to lay a ply over the top of the existing tiles to ensure a flat surface. These specifics will need to be discussed with your fitter.

Yes, wood flooring can be fitted in any part of your home. Remember that wood flooring is a natural product and will react differently compared to man-made or stone tile options. Discuss care and maintenance advice with our experts prior to fitting in high spillage areas.

This needs to be repaired and the best way is to use a Schonox product that contains strengthening fibres. You can see this in the case study on York house here

The moisture level must be less than 2% and any screed in a normal temperature of around 18 degrees will take one day per 1mm to dry out. A 70mm screed for example will take 70 days

The slab under these types of systems must be fully sealed with a DPM sheet or high-quality liquid DPM to fully seal the area underneath and up to the top of the cradle system. This will prevent the moisture in the concrete slab affecting the timber in the cradle system and also the floor. Concrete slabs in new builds will take 10 years to dry out.

Order for the contiguous USA is delivered by Premium FedEx® with 2-5 business days shipping, For USA, Europe countries and Middle East countries by DHL/GLS with 2-5 business days shipping. Please refer to the checkout page for all other regions.

You can return unused wood flooting panels within 30 days after delivery. View our full returns policy here.

The decorative panel for all interior environments

The acoustic slat wood wall panels are ideal for all interior application. Offering an eye-catching, easy to install, all in one panel solution

Contemporary clean, modern and elegant design

Contemporary clean, modern and elegant design. The luxury slat wood wall panels have been carefully designed to effortlessly transform any space, enhancing the surroundings both visually and acoustically.

Backing felt produced from recycled material.

Backing felt produced from recycled material. Our wood is sourced and produced from certified sustainable sources, while our backing felt is made from recycled materials. A complete environmentally friendly product.

Outstanding acoustic reducing properties.

The perfect solution for efficient sound absorption, as well as lowering the reverberation time of noise in your space. If installed with batons, class-A sound absorption can be achieved.

A handcrafted, thoughtfully designed panelling solution.

The acoustic wood slat wall and ceiling panels have been thoughtfully designed to seamlessly transform any space, enhancing the surroundings both visually and acoustically.

Designed for a fast and simple installation process

Simply screw the panels directly into the wall through the felt acoustic backing, or if you are looking to obtain a class A sound absorption, then you can install the panels with batons.

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